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Blade Nano QX RTF Review

The Blade Nano QX BNF micro quadcopter is an excellent model for beginners and advanced flyers alike. It’s fun, agile, and costs less than $100. This relatively small drone weighs a mere half-ounce, and is fairly durable. Due to its small size, you can fly it in any room or office without worrying about crashing into things. In 2014, this drone took home that Editors’ Choice Innovation of the Year Award from Model Airplane News. This should serve as a testament as to how well-constructed and fun this drone really is. In this Blade Nano QX RTF review, we’ll talk more about what it has to offer.

The Blade Nano QX BNF micro quadcopter is an excellent model for beginners and advanced flyers alike. It’s fun, agile, and costs less than $100. This relatively small drone weighs a mere half-ounce, and is fairly durable. Due to its small size, you can fly it in any room or…

Blade Nano QX

Flight Time

Super Safe!

With Blade's signature SAFE technology, the Nano QX is capable of very stable flights. This is perfect for beginners, who often feel skittish about flying for the first time. The drone is capable of flying aggressively (for more experienced flyers), but can be flown conservatively as well. Finally, this drone has a super-sleek design that really helps it stand out from other RC drones on the market.

You can purchase the Nano QX with or without a transmitter. The BNF (Bind-N-Fly) version does NOT come with a transmitter. You’ll need to purchase your own. This option is generally reserved for veterans who want to use their own transmitters. However, you can purchase an RTC (Ready-to-Fly) version of the drone, which comes with a basic transmitter. With the transmitter, you’re looking at spending about $82, and without the transmitter, the cost will be about $70.

Take Advantage of Blade Signature “SAFE” Technology

SAFE stands for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope. What’s its purpose? Basically, it ensures that the drone remains stable and upright throughout the course of the flight. As a beginner flyer, you’ll feel an immediate sense of confidence when you get behind the controller. Overall, Blade’s signature SAFE technology will result in fewer crashes, as well as allow you to fly to maximum height while retaining full control of the drone. Next in our Blade Nano QX RTF review, we’ll talk about the drone’s durability and build.

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Pros: Signature SAFE technology helps the drone remain stabilized in the air. It’s fast, agile, and highly maneuverable. It’s great for both beginner and advanced flyers. You’ll also find that the drone’s design is very sleek and aesthetically appealing. In short, it stands out from the crowd, and has a smooth aerodynamic design to go along with it.
Cons: There’s not too much bad stuff to say about this RC drone. One potential downside is that its flight time is low. However, this can easily be solved by purchasing extra batteries. Also, for just $20-$25 more, you can purchase the Syma X8C, which comes with an HD camera for capturing aerial footage, so spending a bit more might be a good idea.

Strong Build Helps Protect Against Damage

DroneThe Blade Nano QX RTF micro quadcopter is durably built and can resist damage quite well. Both the motors and propellers are well-protected against the external environment.

The main reason why propellers stop working in smaller drones is because things get caught in them. With the drone’s prop just in case any of yours break while flying.

Flight Control and Performance

As with most drones of similar weight and size, the drone flies fast and aggressively. It doesn’t stabilize in the wind as well as larger quadcopters, so that’s something to consider before buying. Despite is small size, this RC drone can fly pretty high. Make sure that you avoid flying it near power lines or tall trees.

Check it out in action:

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Also, since it doesn’t come with a camera or FPV capabilities, always keep the drone in your line of sight to avoid losing it. Flight time for the drone is about 8 minutes, but can be slightly less depending on how aggressively you fly your quadcopter. Charging the battery back to its maximum capacity takes about 40 minutes. Using the USB charger that comes included in the box, you can easily charge your drone using your laptop or desktop computer.

4-Channel Transmitter (For RTF Version)

TransmitterNo Blade Nano QX RTF review would be complete without talking about the drone’s transmitter.

With the ready-to-fly version of the quadcopter, you’ll get a relatively standard 2.4GHz, 4-channel transmitter.

Pressing down on the right analog stick allows you to alternate between agility and stability flight modes.

As their names imply, stability flight modes decrease overall sensitivity (resulting in a more conservative flight), while agility flight modes increase overall sensitivity (resulting in a more aggressive flight).

Bottom Line

This drone is fast, agile, and durable. Without wind, it’s a super-aggressive outdoor flyer, and indoors, it’s highly maneuverable. Flyers are going to love Blade’s signature “SAFE” technology, which helps stabilize the drone, making it easier to fly. We hope that this Blade Nano QX RTF review has shed light on what this awesome quadcopter has to offer.


  • Weight: 16.5 Grams
  • Remote Distance: N/A
  • Charging Time: 40 Minutes
  • Flight Time: 6-8 Minutes
  • Battery: 3.7V 1S 150mAh 25C Li-Po
  • Price: $70 (Without Transmitter) or $82 (With Transmitter)
  • Camera: No
  • FPV: No
  • Experience Level: Beginner
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